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Sunday, 29 April 2018, 11 amSally-Orphan-Iboko
Sally Coxe: "Peace, Love and Bonobos: How a Great Ape Can Lead Us to a Better World"

Bonobos are endangered great apes, sharing almost 99% of our DNA. Our other closest primate  relative, the chimpanzee, is known for its male-dominated, competitive and sometimes brutally violent society. The bonobos, by contrast, exhibit a peaceful, matriarchal, and cooperative culture. At this time in our cultural evolution as a species, we humans would do well to learn from and emulate the bonobo side of ourselves. An Asheville native, Sally Jewell Coxe is founder and president of the Bonobo Conservation Initiative.

At The Open Table

We help at the Open Table which started serving a free cooked meal in Black Mountain on Wednesdays in 2015 at the Black Mountain United Methodist Church.

Social Action at Work

On March 11 and 18, Social Action collected 128 pairs of new, warm women’s and men’s socks to give to AHope, an Asheville nonprofit helping the homeless.

After the Service

A time for conversation and snacks and once a month pot luck, usually on the second Sunday.

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