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Sunday, 18 November 2018, 11 amM Carter by H Way (1)
Rev. Michael J.S. Carter
“Thankful for Aging”

“Aging is not for the faint of heart.” Many of us have heard variations of this saying during our lifetimes. There is no doubt that for some, especially those battling a terminal or long term illness, aging can be a time of extreme hardship.  And yet, life is a gift and we only have it for a short time, no matter how long we may live.  The words of of poet May Sarton ring true, “real old age begins when we look backwards instead of forward.” Let’s explore.

At The Open Table

We help at the Open Table which started serving a free cooked meal in Black Mountain on Wednesdays in 2015 at the Black Mountain United Methodist Church.

Social Action at Work

The Parrott Family - proud owners of Interfaith House #19 built in partnership with the local Interfaith Community, with land sponsored in memory of Dennis and Mary Kushler.

After the Service

A time for conversation and snacks and once a month pot luck, usually on the second Sunday.

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