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Introduction:  Covenant Groups — or as more generically known — Small Group Ministry — is a program available at many UU churches. Covenant Groups is a form of lay ministry in which participants speak from the heart about important matters and intensely listen to one another. These groups follow a fairly rigorous format that accentuates “deep listening” to promote bonds among participants. Over time the process of small group ministry strengthens the understanding and respect among individuals. Ultimately Covenant Groups help strengthen the congregation.

New Covenant Groups Formed

Yes!  It is happening!  Two groups have been formed.

  • The Tuesday group will run on second and fourth Tuesdays at 7:00 pm until June 13.
  • The Wednesday group meets every other week, next meeting on March 22 at 1:00 pm.

Members who sign up for a group agree to participate under the following core covenant:

  • Members will attend all sessions.
  • Members will speak personally employing only “I” statements.
  • Members promise to keep confidential the contents of the group.
  • Members will observe the “no cross talk” rule.  Under this rule, members listen intently to the speaker and do not interrupt.  Moreover members do not respond either verbally or non-verbally to the speaker.
If you agree to the core covenant commitment and would like to join a group please email your intention to Bob Falanga at: 
You can read more about Small Group Ministry here on the UUA website.

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