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We meet on the third Wednesday of alternating months at 5:30 pm at the church.

Our Mission: to stimulate the active involvement of our congregation in making a positive impact on the community and the world in which we live.

Our Objectives: will be accomplished locally, nationally, and globally, through both social service and social justice. Social service collaborative projects will address emergency relief and other community needs, whereas social justice work will address structural injustice and discrimination.

Congregational Survey: In a survey of our congregation in 2004-2005, the top issues included: Peace Advocacy, Protecting the Environment, Homelessness/Affordable Housing, Racial Oppression and Racial Bridging, and Hunger. Thus much of the effort has been in these areas.

2015-2016 Social Action Projects

Room in the Inn
Actions speak louder than words. If you care about homeless women in our community, do something about it. Start by signing up for the next Room in the Inn. This usually takes place several times a year on a Friday at the Black Mountain United Methodist Church. We will need  overnight volunteers, and servers as well as folks to prepare three hearty meals. By the way, if you heard the praise the women have for the meals we provide you would blush.

Habitat for Humanity

    Our 2017 Habitat for Humanity Project

Once again this fall UUCSV is helping to build another interfaith home with Habitat for Humanity.  Starting Sep 30 and ending Dec 2 we will have 6 build days to help c20171006_091531onstruct a home for 20171006_094151the Ender family of 5.  See our church bulletin board for the introduction to this family.  Our UUCSV crew of four persons works with others from other faiths from 8:15 am to 3:30 pm.

If you would like to join our work crew (or provide lunch to the crew) on one of these dates, please call Jim Carillon.  The 2 remaining available dates are as follows:
Saturday 9/26, and Wednesday, 11/18.   We also need lunch providers for these two dates as well as for Saturday 11/14.

We hope you can join our fun crew.  Call Jim at 628-1320 or email him at RIGHT AWAY to select one of these final dates!

    Past  Habitat Projects

UUCSV has been working on Habitat projects each year since 2010.  In the fall of 2015 UUCSV helped to build another interfaith home.

habitat2013_8 habitat2013_6 habitat2013_2

For the 13th year in 2011, the Asheville area Interfaith community came together to raise funds and help build another Habitat for Humanity house in Carney Place in west Asheville. This was the year UUCSV first joined with 15 other churches and congregations to help build the Interfaith home.

The partner family included Tanya Presha and her three children (see photo), who were overjoyed to partner with Habitat. Tanya worked for the Asheville City School system for 15 years: the last five of which she has coordinated the Dropout Prevention Program. Several years ago, Tanya made a long-term goal to own her own home. Knowing she needed to improve her education and earning power, she returned to school and graduated from Shaw University with a bachelor’s degree in social work.

SAC_presha_family SAC_habitat0924007s SAC_habitat0924009s SAC_habitat0924014s

Community Bulletin Boardbulletinboard2
The Social Action Committee along with others in the wider community worked to bring about a new community bulletin board in the center of Black Mountain. Tom Motzko crafted it and it was dedicated to UUCSV member Rita Styer who was on the committee and died in November, 2010. Chamber Executive Director Bob McMurray cuts the ribbon on November 23 as Rita's family and others celebrate the opening and remember Rita's love of community and family.

Peace Advocacy
mlkpeacewalk2In a survey of our congregation in 2004-2005, we decided that peace advocacy should be our number one social concern to address. Thus, on August 6, 2005, sixteen members and friends of our congregation journeyed to the gates of the Y–12 plant in Oak Ridge, TN, for the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. We joined over one thousand others from all over the nation to protest the continued enhancement of nuclear weapons. This was the largest such gathering in east Tennessee history.

MLK Peace Walk
In addition, members of the congregation have participated in peace demonstrations in Washington, D.C. as well as local demonstrations such as the MLK Peace Walk in Asheville. Peace continues to be important to our congregation.


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