2022 Slate of Board Members

Danny Hadley


Born in Cleveland, OH, Dan spent part of his boyhood in Medford, MA, where he attended the nearby Unitarian church. He completed high school in Bowling Green, OH, then attended the University of Michigan where he earned the BA, MA and a PhD degree in social psychology. He has taught at Brown University, Eastern Michigan and Wayne State University. His career included, teaching, marketing consulting and administering a mental health care institution. His hobbies include play writing, acting and directing.

He is married to Diane de Grasse and they live at Givens Highland Farms in Black Mountain.


Dan is currently serving on the Personnel Committee and the Stewardship Committee at UUCSV.

Marti Saltzman


Marti Saltzman was born in Rochester, NY where her dad (who grew up in East TN) was a chemist at Eastman Kodak Company. As a child she enjoyed art, books, sewing, etc., and later discovered photography. She loved shooting Tri-X Pan with her Canon FTb and creating black and white prints in her darkroom. During the 1980s she managed camera stores and specialized in marketing and establishing start-up branch stores. In 1990 she joined The Saunders Group in Rochester as a product marketing manager. While there, she started a photo books publishing division, and secured the license to publish Kodak Books and calendars from Eastman. In 2002, she moved to Asheville to start a photography books publishing division at Lark Books, a craft publisher and division of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. / Barnes and Noble, Inc (New York). There, she also created the start-up website Pixiq.com. After Marti left Lark in 2011 she became the Executive Editor of an innovative, interactive I-Pad magazine for Ilex Press, Ltd, in Lewes, UK. During these many jobs, she traveled extensively throughout the USA and Europe. Now that she's retired, she's grooving on the local mountain scene and walking her dog, Sparky, around her downtown Asheville neighborhood, Biltmore, and Black Mountain. Marti has a son Jacob Weir-Gertzog (Amanda) who lives in Durham, NC and a daughter, Rebecca Saltzman (Josh Hiller) who lives in New York City. She has four grandchildren: Zora, Iris, Gus and Gabriel.


Marti is currently serving on the Safety Committee at UUCSV.

2022-2023 Fiscal Year Budget