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Spence Foscue

30 years ago I was an atheistic curmudgeon lost in the spiritual wilderness. I came upon Unitarian Universalism and everything changed. Well, not necessarily everything- I remain an atheist and occasional curmudgeon but I’m still a card carrying UU.

When Liz and I made the decision to leave Chapel Hill and our wonderful UU church family we looked at over thirty houses in five counties. As we were driving up the road in Black Mountain we passed UUCSV.  It looked like we were home and indeed, we purchased a home in Montreat, a short walk from this congregation. On our first visit we reunited with Tom and Marion, immigrants from Chapel Hill who took us in. There was no doubt that we were going to join up.

We support UUCSV because of its strong presence in this community. Wherever we go in Black Mountain and the surrounding area we run into active members of this congregation who are busy making things better for the community and doing things we like to do. We feel at home here.

Liz Bryan’s Road to Becoming UU

I didn’t grow up UU. The first twenty years of my life I went to the Episcopal Church with my family in Eastern NC. When it became my choice, for the next twenty years I opted for the Church of the Great Outdoors.  Spence and I were living in Chapel Hill (Piedmont area of NC) when we decided to try our neighbors Joe and Lucy’s liberal, non-denominational Community Church. We had a young daughter and there was childcare and an hour of adult time which suited me fine.

We joined and most of our social life began to revolve around The Community Church. After around ten years the church investigated affiliation with UU denomination. Turns out we were UU’s all along and just didn’t know it. So our kids got to grow up UU, getting exposed to different world religions, going thru OWL and having a fabulous youth group to support them thru high school.

Eventually grand-kids sparked a move to WNC where we have ended up in Montreat. After forty years in Chapel Hill and twenty five at The Community Church, we were definitely feeling displaced. To find just a mile down the road from our house within biking or walking distance such a great bunch of people has  made our transition to WNC practically painless. So here we are, feeling right at home at the UUCSV and making it a big part of our life here. BTW our son has trained to teach OWL and is active with the Youth Group.