Board of Trustees

The UUCSV Board of Trustees now meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm at the church.  Anyone is invited to attend the meetings.

The Board of Trustees shall have general charge of the property of the congregation and the conduct of all of its business affairs and the control of its administration, including the appointment of such committees as it may deem necessary.

Board and Officers

Evan Yanik - President

Evan Yanik - Vice President

Rose Levering - Vice President


Barbara Bryan

Barbara Bryan - Board Member

Jackie Franklin


Anna Marcel de Hermanas

Anna Marcel de Hermanas - Board Member

Rochelle Broome

rochelle portrait

Sally Smith

sally portrait


Michael J.S. Carter

Michael Carter


Milt Warden


Lee Reading

Linda Tatsapaugh ex-officio, nonvoting member