Music is a vital part of Sunday services at the UUCSV. Our music director is Annelinde (Linda) Metzner, who has been with the church since 2008. Together with long-time volunteer pianist Sue Stone, they offer music pertinent to the sermon, and accompany hymns.
Our choir has grown under Linda's direction and always welcomes new singers. We meet for 4 rehearsals and perform on the fourth Sunday of each month. Our repertoire is culturally varied and inclusive, often light-hearted and fun!  
Enjoy a taste of our choir music at the UUCSV Quarantine Choir Youtube channel, featuring 34 beautiful song videos made by Linda and the choir during the Pandemic. You can browse our videos here.
Our Sunday music program has expanded to include solos and small ensembles for Second Sundays, the second Sunday of each month, featuring talented individuals and groups from our congregation and also from the surrounding area.
Traveling and local musicians often are featured leading a Sunday service, including singer-songwriters, vocal ensembles and Indian Kirtan. Musicians from our congregation often are part of local fund-raising efforts to benefit nonprofits.