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Director: Beata Ball

I hail from Burnsville, NC in Yancey County. I moved to Black Mountain when I met and married my husband who is a Black Mountain native. I’ve been happily married for 20 years and am a mother of 3 plus 2 furbabies. My passion is crochet and I am, in fact, a Craft Yarn Council Certified Crochet Instructor. Baking is a favorite activity when the weather is cool enough and, of course, I love working with my Girl Scouts.

My “career” working with children began with Cub Scouts where I was a Den leader for several years and a Pack leader for one. I began working with my daughter’s Girl Scout troop in 2006 where I have been a troop leader and I also volunteer at the county level as service unit banking specialist, adult learning specialist and event specialist. In 2007 I began with the RE department here at UUCSV. I love working with kids and watching them come into their own as they discover their values and beliefs and how they go from doing what “parent” tells them to deciding on their own that situations do or don’t jive with them. I also love learning from the kids who have a wonderful ability to cut through to the heart of things.

RE Teaching Staff:

Many of our teachers have served with UUCSV a long time.  Some have served as the Director of Religious Education at this congregation or at another congregation.  A few of our teachers have served as public school teachers, educational consultants and in other areas where they work closely with youth people.

Our teachers are committed to working with youth and that is why the serve in this capacity – they enjoy and appreciate young people and want to foster their curiosity for spiritual practices.

Please note: All teaching staff and volunteers have had, or will have upon working with youth, a full background check in order to comply with UUCSV policy about working with youth. If you have any questions about this process, please contact me.

Teacher Staff: Heidi Blozan, Kathryn Coyle, who also serves as the Religious Education Liaison to the Board of Trustees, Jim Carillion, Milt Warden, Carolyn Shorkey, Jesse Figuera, Sarah Kirkpatrick, and Danu Macon Verteskjall.

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