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Building and Grounds

The care and maintenance of the UUCSV church building and grounds is under the supervision of this Committee. This committee welcome volunteers with an interest in the appearance and functioning of our physical surroundings, and who also may have special skills that apply. The volunteers need not be professionals, but it helps if they have a basic working knowledge of carpentry, electricity, roofing, painting, plumbing, interior design, art, or just handiness with a hammer or the color wheel. Rhea Bockhorst is Chair.


This committee manages all regular forms of communication to the full congregation, including website, social media, and newsletters. Operating as an advisory branch of the committee, the Communications Advisory Group (CAG), provides editing assistance, strategic direction and periodic advice on communications issues. Editors of various publications and media are members of CAG. Susan Culler is Primary Contact

Congregational Care

The UUCSV Congregational Care Committee provides short-term help and support for our fellow members and friends in their times of need.

When called upon, care team members represent the church as they provide personal, confidential, compassionate care and support for our entire community.  The kinds of support provided (generally up to 10 days) include:

  • Pastoral care (in direct coordination with our minister Michael Carter)
  • Hospital or home visits where caring listening is needed
  • Urgent transportation assistance or rides to church
  • Preparing and delivering meals to the home in times of crisis
  • Short term cooking, pet care or light housekeeping
  • Urgent yard work, fixing things, or moving assistance
  • Help with shopping or running errands.
  • Linking members or friends in need with longer term community resources (United Way 211 line and other community referrals).

When a member or friend of our church has any such short term need please call the Care Team Coordinator who will understand what support is required and arrange Congregational Care Committee support for such members in need. Larry Pearlman is Coordinator.


This committee is responsible for reporting to the Board on the financial health of the church and the yearly canvass.  Developing the budget, getting Board approval and presenting the new budget at the UUCSV's annual meeting is the responsibility of this committee.   Lee Reading is Chair and Treasurer.

Garden Maintenance

The Garden, located on the southeast corner of the our building, provides a place of remembrance for UUCSV's deceased members, friends, and loved one, including our pets. Completed in 2019 it is intended to offer a quiet place to reflect upon the value of our relationship to and within our congregation. In honor of its primary benefactor, on June 1, 2019, The Garden was dedicated to Jay Ellis and conveyed to the Board of Trustees for its future care and well-being.

The Garden Maintenance Committee's duties include, but not limited to, the following: maintain accounting of funds, coordinate with the minister for memorial services and internment of cremains; maintain WE REMEMBER THEM notebook (located in the church foyer), and cares for and replaces plants while keeping the space clean and tidy. Garden Maintenance also manages any future additions, such as a handicap ramp and benches.

One of its most important tasks is to coordinate the purchasing of a brick, interring a person's ashes, or having a name engraved on the monument. The following forms are available and found in the back of the WE REMEMBER THEM notebook, located in the church foyer.

  1. Name Engraved – request to engrave a name on the monument
  2. Brick Purchase – request to purchase a brick for the Garden pathway
  3. Bench Purchase – request to purchase an inscribed bench in the name of a deceased person.
  4. Application for Interment of Ashes

If you are interested in becoming part of the Garden Maintenance Committee or have questions when completing one of the forms above, contact Dawn Wilson, Chair, at


The Governance Committee manages the official documents that guide the UUCSV, including the articles of incorporation, Bylaws, policies and procedures, job descriptions, and any congregational or board manuals/handbooks (like this one). The committee is responsible for accepting, vetting and presenting proposed changes and additions to any document, as well as doing its own annual review and proposals. The committee maintains up-to-date versions of all documents both electronically and on paper, accessible to congregation members. Board Vice President is Chair


Our mission is to enhance membership for all of us at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Swannanoa Valley--charter members and newer members alike.

Our committee is responsible for having greeters available to welcome everyone who attends Sunday morning services. We provide name tags for members and visitors and distribute orders of service on Sunday. We also encourage visitors to complete an interest card if they wish to receive more information about the church. We keep on hand for distribution informational pamphlets from the Unitarian Universalist Association.

We guide people who are interested in becoming members of UUCSV through the joining process. “Orientation to UU” classes are held periodically for those people who are interested in knowing more about UUism, our congregation, and possible membership.

We welcome members to join the Membership Committee at any time. Carol Sheeler is Chair.


Recruits, vets and assembles a slate of new Board member nominees annually, as well as when needed to replace a sitting member. Provides initial information and support to potential nominees as they decide whether to accept. Chair is named by Board as needed.


This committee is responsible for selecting paid staff, other than the Minister, to recommend to the Board for hiring.

Currently these positions are the Office Manager, RE Director, Custodian and Choir Director.

The committee also makes recommendations about the hours of work, days off (including holidays), and the salaries of the staff, and deals with any other personnel issues.  Jim Carillon is the Chair.

Religious Education

Susan Enwright Hicks <> is Director.

The Youth Religious Education (RE) Committee works in conjunction with the Director of Religious Education (DRE) to set policy and guidelines for the operation of the youth RE program.  Jesse Figuera is Chair.

The committee’s goals are:

  • To ensure that Unitarian Universalist principles are incorporated into the RE program.
  • To plan and support the activities of the RE department.
  • To recruit and support teachers and childcare workers.
  • To maintain communication among members of the committee, teachers, parents, the DRE, the minister, and the congregation as a whole.
  • To provide input to the DRE, the minister, and the Sunday Service Associates regarding inter-generational (IG) events and worship experiences which include children and youth.

The Adult Education program is coordinated by the Minister, and sponsors a variety of programs geared to the interests of our adult members.

The popular Luunch Buunch is an informal discussion with Rev. Carter on a specific topic. The group meets on the first Tuesday of each month at noon.

Tidings, the monthly UUCSV publication, uses an e -magazine format to inform members of a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to, spirituality, member interests and LGBTQ issues.

Other recent offerings have included a series on UU History, and viewing and discussion of TED presentations.

Social Action

The Social Action Committee leads and coordinates church initiatives in social service and social justice.  High priorities of the congregation have been identified as  Racial Oppression, Victim/Hate crimes, Homelessness, Peace Advocacy, Immigration/Undocumented Workers, Gender Equality, Environment & Environmental Justice, Hunger.

We meet on the third Wednesday of alternating months at 5:30 pm at the church.  Rotating members, Chair. Please also visit the Social Action page for a fuller description of our activities.

Strategic Planning Task Force

Active every five years, or as otherwise designated by the Board, to lead the long-term strategic planning process for the congregation. Michael Figuera, Chair

Sunday Coffee Hour

The Sunday Coffee Hour Committee oversees the beverage service and finger food after each Sunday service. A table is set up for the placement of finger food snacks, contributed by church attendees, to be shared after the Sunday service.  Carolyn Shorkey is Chair.

Sunday Service Associates

This team is responsible for scheduling and producing the Sunday morning services when Rev. Carter is not in the pulpit.  This  includes selecting guest speakers and working with them to create orders of service.  Members take turns  presiding at services when there is a guest speaker.  Meetings are currently held at 1:00 pm on the third Tuesday of each month.   Diane Graham is Chair.


Emory Underwood is our Webmaster.  Coordination of our web presence in an integral part of the Communications Committee.

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