Youth Religious Education

Preschool: Rainbow Connection

Rainbow Connection is a UU identity curriculum written by Karen Hager for ages 3-5. Our preschoolers enjoy age appropriate story books and crafts to explore the Unitarian Universalist 7 Guiding Principles. These activities are supplemented by cooperative play and one-room schoolhouse activities with older children.

Elementary: Passport to Spirituality

Exploring the world’s religions & spiritual practices is what our elementary class is all about! In Passport to Spirituality we will “travel” to different countries around the world! Here’s what the children get from this program:

  • A map of the country we are visiting
  • A “stamp” for their passports
  • Hands-on participation in a spiritual practice from that country’s religion
  • A travel journal to record their adventures and what they learned
  • A souvenir to take home to remind them of their experiences

Teens: Principled Music

In Principled Music, another curriculum by Karen Hagan, our youth (grades 6-12) are invited and encouraged to view social justice issues through a UU lens and think about how our conscience may tell us to do what is right even if it means we will “get in trouble”, that the possibility of negative consequences may be worth it to stand up for what is right and fair. We will also explore how our choices affect others and may or may not change our perspective. For all of this deep thinking and exploring we use music as a tool to introduce the topics as well as give the youth a starting point for discussion.