Leaves to Mushrooms

Leaves to Mushrooms Project

You may have noticed a fenced circle containing leaves and other yard “litter” between the UUCSV  building and Montreat road.  This is the “Leaveswood-blewit-11x_1074 to Mushrooms Project” brought to you by the Green Sanctuary/Social Action Committee/UUCSV.  The objectives of this effort include:

  1. Making use of natural on-site occurring organic matter
  2. Reducing labor by keeping this natural product on-site
  3. Producing food
  4. Demonstrating of our commitment to the environment
  5. Improving the soil health under our precious trees
  6. Working with the natural cycle of life

Our Board of Trustees approved this project and it has been funded by contributions from members beyond their annual pledge.  Supporters include:  Mary Soyenova, Geoff & Sue Stone, Heidi Blozan, Tina Rosato and Phil Evanzo, John Ackerson, Jim Carrillon.  Other consultants include:  Diana McCall, Will Blozan. 

Sue attended a workshop on mushrooms and got a recommendation from an expert on what mushroom would be appropriate for our situation.  “Blewit” (Clitocybe nuda) was suggested.  Spawn was purchased from Field and Forest Products, Inc.  This was introduced to the leaf pile on 04/26/15.  The instructions provided suggest sprinkling occasionally w/ water to keep the pile moist and then forget it for 24 months.

An aspect of “objective #4” is to encourage others to learn from the project and hopefully be inspired to duplicate the effort at other locations.  Please contact Geoff or Mary if you are interested in helping with the project at UUCSV or want help duplicating the effort at home.                                                        

Photo no. 12798 © Jaroslav Maly, NaturePhoto-CZ

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