Social Action Projects, 2015-2016

Dear UUCSV Congregation,

Now that the fiscal year has closed, I thought I would send a list of the Social Action Projects for the year:

Open Table, held every Wednesday at the Black Mountain Methodist Church. Herb Way help to found and coordinate this once a week meal held for the community. Half the workers are from the UUCSV.

Blue Ridge Pride Festival, occurs early October. With Asheville UU, we staff a booth and promote our welcoming of the GLBT community.

Habitat for Humanity, several of our UUCSV volunteers have participated in the building and providing lunches.

Stand Against Racism, led by Roberta Madden, annual events in Black Mountain to promote unity.

ERA, led by Roberta Madden. We assist in passing the ERA by attending events and distributing literature.

Syrian Refugee Project, is ongoing. We are helping to apply with other religious organizations for a state agency grant in Western NC. Two of our members Bob Falanga and Suzanne Ziglar have attended steering committee meetings and have collected signatures.

Room at the Inn, organized by Connie Krochmal, provides volunteers to staff an overnight shelter at a local church. Food and transportation are also offered.

Martin Luther King Breakfast Swannanoa Valley, is heavily supported by members of our congregation. Two social action committee members serve on the MLK board.

Campaign for Southern Equality, works to provide GLBT folks their rights and privileges under the law. We participated in protests at the Asheville courthouse and Ridgecrest.

Black Lives Matter, a Selma Film event was organized by Rev. Carter and Herb Way.

Charitable Wing of UUCSV. We give locally, regionally, nationally and globally to charities that need our help:
Planned Parenthood, Ministry of Hope Africa, Green Opportunities, Blue Ridge Pride, Habitat for Humanity Asheville, Female Prison Holiday Breakfast, Swannanoa Valley Christian Ministry, Swannanoa Valley MLK, Hand in Hand, Building Bridges, Homeward Bound, OREPA, UUSC Refugee Committee, Pisgah Legal, WNCEIB, The Lord’s Acre, Our Voice, People of Faith Against the Death Penalty and Campaign for Southern Equality.
In peace,

Diane Hutchins
Social Action Chair

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