Sunday, 18 June 2017, 11 amChris Matthews2
Rev. Chris Andrews
“The Gift”

The idea: On Father’s Day we honor our dads, obviously. Some of us do that with joy, others with misgiving, and others don’t have a dad around to connect with. But, good dad or not-so-good dad, this day is an opportunity to take stock, to reflect, to look around and realize that we are all blessed by the gift of life—everyone of us got started because a father connected with a mother and here we are. It is the gift of life that we have been given, the greatest gift there is or ever could be. In this sermon we will celebrate that gift and remember the fathers, good and bad, who gave it to us.

The Rev. Chris Andrews is a lifelong resident of Louisiana except for stints in graduate school and a work assignment in England. Formerly a minister in the United Methodist Church for 42 years, he served at 1st United Methodist Church in Baton Rouge for many of those years. Chris now leads Jubilee Pioneers, an eclectic group of folks in Baton Rouge seeking ways to practice “good religion.” He is not a Christian, but instead calls himself a “follower of Jesus.

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